About Us



Welcome to our website! The school has a fantastic reputation for high quality education for students from 11-19 years of age with severe or profound learning difficulties.

Firwood has a strong emphasis on working together to ensure students enjoys their time at Firwood, are happy and make as much progress as possible. As well as our focus on working with parents and carers, we work alongside a range of other professionals in a multi-agency approach to students’ learning that aims to ensure their needs are met. This range includes Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists, the School Nursing Service, Paediatricians, the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, Social Workers and other Social Care staff, Specialist Educational Consultants, as well as a range of other services.

Firwood High School moved into a new build in April 2012 that is co-located with Bolton St. Catherine’s Academy.  Our new building not only provides us with a much greater range of specialist facilities and rooms, but enables us to work more easily with our mainstream colleagues and provide excellent inclusion opportunities.  Both Firwood High School and Bolton St. Catherine’s Academy are committed to breaking down barriers and stereotypes about disability, so we are keen to provide a range of inclusion opportunities to benefit your son or daughter.

You can see some of our new facilities under the Gallery tab on this website.

Of course, we are all proud of our community’s achievements, with the following being particularly important to us:

  1. The range of our students’ achievements; whether they are learning to use a switch to control their environment or gaining paid employment on leaving Firwood High School.
  2. Our Specialist School Status, Inspection outcomes, innovative work on inclusion and employment outcomes (via “Project Search”).
  3. Our highly trained staff (including associated medical and social care staff) and their on-going commitment to help our students.
  4. Our broad and relevant curriculum.  We all work hard to ensure the curriculum meets the needs of our learners and covers the National Curriculum, as well as offering some exciting opportunities for inclusion, sensory work, vocational work and even training for employment for some older students.
  5. The happy and encouraging ethos here that includes being accepted amongst our mainstream colleagues, so we all become members of our one learning community.I hope you find our website helpful. If there is anything else you’d like to know about or discuss, please do contact us.With best wishes,
    Sally McFarlane
    Executive Headteacher